We focus on two segments: FinTech and Logistics. FinTech is a combination of technical products and services in the financial industry.

We build digital products in both segments and offer online accessible services. It is essential for us to quickly prototype and test products to make them market ready as soon as we can.


We remain a partner to existing investment ecosystems while allowing entrepreneurial minded people to learn how to build startups.

The opportunity to experience company building is what we offer without the risk of doing it alone.

We accept that no matter how well executed products can be, sometimes they just don’t work. This is a part of our approach to innovation and we recover as well as refocus quickly when things don’t work out.


We don’t just think about products and prepare slide presentations. We build products and services and scale companies around them.

The Otto Group gives us access to know-how, marketing channels, capital, infrastructure and a constant feedback loop which is critical for success. If our product can’t quickly stand on its own legs, we'll move on to the next challenge.


Liquid Labs is neither a pure fund nor an incubator. Liquid Labs is neither a startup nor a corporate.
Liquid Labs is the innovation lab for corporate strategy.

We are not a venture capital fund, nor do we invest in external teams or companies. Liquid Labs is structured as a separate entity of the Otto Group, a worldwide operating retail and service group, and we are focused on building products for the group. We source our own ideas and this means we are attending industry events and speaking with our contacts to generate ideas.

Our team is made up of people with technical and business skill sets, located under one roof. Although our projects are independent businesses with their own teams, everyone is working for the benefit of Liquid Labs. Although we do have the ability to spin out projects and raise external venture capital, our priority remains to generate products for the Otto Group.