Founded: June 2012

Spun-off in February 2013

Risk Ident offers anti-fraud solutions for European companies within the e-commerce and financial sectors. We are experts in device fingerprinting and behavioral analytics and our products are specifically tailored to comply with European data privacy regulations. Our key products are FRIDA Fraud Manager and DEVICE IDENT device fingerprinting.

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Founded: March 2016

Spun-off in April 2016

collectAI - Debt Collection for the 21st century! We solve payment problems proactively and via direct communication with the debtor. We focus on the customer service relationship between you and your customers. At our core is a proprietary self-learning algorithm.

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Founded: July 2014

Spun-off in August 2015

BorderGuru’s vision is to offer an easy solution for retailers to sell and ship their products internationally – as easily as domestically. Integrated into the websites of our client retailers, consumers can shop in their local currency, pay with their preferred local payment option, and get their products shipped to their home. Anywhere in the world.

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Founded: February 2014

Spun-off in March 2015

Send & Store solves the problem of the modern consumer living in the city: too much stuff, too little space. Instead of renting a large closet at a self-storage facility and having to drive there and back, Send & Store allows you log in and store individual boxes, with pickup and delivery included.

Founded: September 2012

Closed April 2014

Kreddible offered a new way for companies to purchase goods online with instant working capital, with scoring the merchant's online data. Kreddible increased merchants’ cash flow at the operational level and improved the balance sheet to achieve greater sales volume. It freed those merchants from the dependence on bank credit limits and the purchase terms of suppliers.

Founded: February 2013

Closed May 2014

Reskribe was an solution for automated subcription billing. It managed monthly payments and their complexity across both debit and credit payment methods, as well as errors or declines, customer up- and downgrades, communication and retention management.

Founded: 2012

Closed 2014

Mavendi manages your purchases, both online and offline. The platform helped users determine warranty status and get assistance, manage there spending, and blocked unwanted advertising.