You will be expected to work independently and without constant input from management. There will always be people in the office but you won’t necessarily always have access directly to the people whom you need to interact with.
Hence you need to feel comfortable working in both an office and a virtual environment with a lot of interaction via phone and Internet.

Due to the nature of our innovative environment, we are a diverse mix of people and personalities.
Further, because of the startup environment, it gets chaotic at times but we refer to this as “creative chaos”!
If this is something for you and you are looking for a fun place to work in a challenging job with interesting responsibilities, let us know.


We offer you a chance to learn how to build businesses, drive innovation and work independently without constant supervision. We want self-starters who have already proven some degree of competence in previous roles who can be given independent projects to run.

Working in a matrix structure with external development groups involved in the process, you have to be able to communicate openly and clearly with multiple people, work closely in a team environment and be detail-oriented when under pressure.

We offer competitive compensation and an opportunity to ultimately become the C-Level manager of a brand new start-up.


Our teams work independently on agile product development, using lean startup principles. A team usually consists of at least a product and tech lead who work in conjunction with internal and external staff to push for quick market entrance.

We force quick development cycles and believe that you should „fail fast”. This allows us to test our ideas in the market and enables us to build products that solve actual problems as well as needs. It also allows us to quickly refocus our resources when something doesn’t work out.

After success in the market, a product and its team are spun-off from Liquid Labs to become an external, separate company or part of an existing organization.