Michael Backes Liquid Labs
Michael, how much monitoring do our teams 
Paul Jozefak Liquid Labs
Paul, what's your manager pose?
Nicole Fink Liquid Labs
Nicole, do you enjoy working here?
Sören Heinzmann Liquid Labs
Sören, are you a techie or business guy?
Mirko Krauel collectAI
Mirko, what does a CEO need to do?
Joachim Pietsch collectAI
Joachim, give us a smile!
Elda Dedja collectAI
Elda, how do you survive in a male dominated IT world?
Jan Fischer collectAI
Jan, how do you cope with failure?
Dani Colomer collectAI
Dani, how do you keep up with all the todos?
Antoine Verger collectAI
Antoine, our scrum teams are well organized, how do you organize yourself?
Esteban Uscanga collectAI
Esteban, who watches over our offices
Max Pumperla collectAI
Max, How do you spend your time while your model is calculating?
Jorge Davilla-Chacon collectAI
Jorge, what do you do, if you're not deciphering?
Carsten Wölk collectAI
Carsten, apples or oranges?
Annalisa Varrone collectAI
Annalisa, what do you like most about working here?
Eduardo Anaya collectAI
Eduardo, do you miss mexican food?
Tilo Soenke collectAI
Tilo, explain binary!
Alexander Clarus collectAI
Alexander, what do you do, when you reel in a client?
Andreas Taube collectAI
Andreas, how do you keep focused?
Luis Rangel collectAI
Luis, how did you feel after writing your first game?
David Diaz collectAI
David, how is the weather in Hamburg?
Sebastian Schetschok collectAI
Sebastian, what do you do all day?
Jose St Bernard collectAI
Jose, what's your special programming skill?
Vitalii Lysov Alumni -- Risk Ident
Mathias Gosch Alumni -- Send&Store
Nicolas Derrien Alumni -- Send&Store
Hannah Nötig Alumni -- Borderguru